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it’s been too long since I last posted this.



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My RP partner helped me figure out the details of a key point in my OC’s past, and I’m so glad to have found someone to help me explore new ideas with.

//looking at you, @profoundlynaive and @alwaysyori

{AHH! Backatcha ;D }

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OOC - Announcement/Appology

{Very sorry for the lack in replies everyone! I’ve been very busy trying to complete a portfolio for school and get school issues sorted out. I wasn’t accepted unfortunately, animation requires a certain level of observational drawing which I’ve not done for nearly 10 years now. I am however, enrolled in my Web Design course for January, so I’ll be going back then for certain.

My replies will continue to lack in the future however as I’m going to be looking for work and hopefully get my commissions under way as well for profile designs, character drawings/avatars, and image alterations for RP actually started.

Missing all of you lots! ♥}



Fav 1982 Films - TRON. by Atariboy2600



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                        ❝i guess we’re suppose to change the world.

                                             indie ! sam flynn.

                                                yeah.          i’m.          out.

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This is what i imagine energon sweets would look like.

Or Grid candy. :D


I really need #Disney to make another #Tron movie !! Make it happen Disney. #tronlives #flynnlives #thegrid #makeithappen


Financial District IV by nick.gerber on Flickr.



Concept art is beautiful.

I find concept art one of the most valuable and expressive types of art. Often it’s formative, flexible nature can yield plenty of new elements and inspiration. If all of that is an ocean of creativity, I’d be led to say it’s the abstract bridge straight to the Sea of Simulation.

I can only wonder what labyrinth of ideas went into the creation of Tron: Uprising. I’m sure there are many among us fans who would love to see that treasure of pre-production and concept-level materials.

To this day, a book on all of such concept art would be a dream to have. Heck, if I could amass enough of the high-resolution concept art that’s around, I’d print it and bind a book myself.


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Tron (1982)

Pixel Artist: mazeon

Source: mazeon.com

{akahsd! Awww thank you so much! ♥♥♥ Gahh! *Falls over* You’re one of my faves too!! :D }


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    Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
— Denis Waitley  (via selenemooneffe)
    If there’s a place that I could be
Then I’d be another memory
Can I be the only hope for you?
Because you’re the only hope for me
And if we can’t find where we belong
We’ll have to make it on our own
Face all the pain and take it on
Because the only hope for me
Is you alone
The only hope for me is you, My Chemical Romance (via arianilee)
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